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At Baytown Floors, we have the quality tile you want!

Are you planning a project that requires high-quality porcelain or ceramic tile? If you are, you will want to visit our showroom in Baytown, TX before you buy anywhere else. At Baytown Floors, we have one of the most complete selections of quality tile in this entire area. Here are just a few reasons we can say this:

We have the best brand names in tile

When you have a tile-related project in mind, you want the best tile that you can get. No one wants to invest in low-quality tile that cannot stand up wear-and-tear, is easy to crack, or tile that loses its color or luster over time. The best way to avoid tile problems is to buy from companies that have a track record of producing the best porcelain and ceramic tile.

When you visit with us for your tile, you will find that we carry the best brand names on the market today. We have a great selection of tile from:


These are the companies that America already knows and trusts. When you buy from these companies, you will find all sizes and shapes of tile, a huge selection of colors and themes, great selections of both porcelain and ceramic tile, and more. You cannot go wrong when you buy from these companies!

All types of project tiles

We have quality tile that can be used for accent pieces, wall tiles, backsplash tiling, floor tiles, and shower tiles.In other words, we have the tiles that you need, no matter what kind of project you have in mind.

Quality tile at low, low prices

Our customers love our low prices, and you will as well. We have some of the best prices in town on quality tile everyday. The best way to see just how low our prices are is to visit with us at Baytown Floors today.

Anyone who is thinking of a project that requires tile will be pleased to see what we have to offer. Why not come see us today for all of your quality tile needs.