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Add crystal-like shine and luster to backsplash, floors, and walls

Glass tiles brighten and enliven any space in the home with iridescent pieces in a wide assortment of unique shapes. Make your bathroom walls pop with a hexagonal glass tile mosaic, infuse sparkling sunlight with a sea glass patch work kitchen installation, or add a one-of-a-kind sheen to your entry way with rectangular pieces. No matter where you choose to install glass tile, you’ll surely love its sensational vibrancy and high impact appeal.

The numerous advantages of glass tile

Why should you pick this type of installation for your room? Well, aside from its show stopping appearance, glass tiles come with numerous advantages.


Whether you have a busy house hold or simply don’t have the time for regular, intense cleaning, here’s an installation that will make you breathe a sigh of relief because of its ease of maintenance. As these glass surfaces aren't highly porous, it takes just a few quick wipes to clean and return their luster.


There’s a very good reason why tile is so popular for wet or humid areas like the kitchen and bathroom, and that’s due to its water-resistance and lack of absorbency.

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Available in a vast assortment of material, colors, and style options, these heat-resistance pieces work extremely well in various design ideas, also providing extra protection for your home.


Not all glass is created equally! Unlike the material used for light bulbs and vases, glass tiles are specially constructed to be shatter-proof.


Long-lasting, tough, and built to handle busy households, these pieces make for a very practical addition to any home makeover.

Choose one-of-a-kind glass tile for your home

Affordable yet stylish, and with simple up keep requirements, they’re a fantastic way to add a little –or a lot– of sparkle to any space. While it’s the ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and entry ways, heat-resistant tiles are also used for fire places. Not only are they practical, but the tiles also spread illumination from the fire, offering a spectacularly shimmery ambiance. Get a clean-cut, modern look with a glass tile countertop or backsplash. If you’re not sure which installation would be best – and you’re in search of something truly unique – then consider water color glass for a stunning display of contemporary style. Visit our Baytown Floors showroom in Baytown, TX for professional assistance and cost-effective pricing. Stop by to check out the latest in styles and the newest materials that are sure to get your creative ideas flowing! Servicing the Baytown, Dayton, Pasadena, Galveston, and Houston, TX areas, our flooring experts are ready to help you figure out what would best suit your upcoming redesign.