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The beauty of nature in your very own home

Natural stone has been increasingly popular in residential installations over the past several years. It’s no wonder, as this truly original material provides home owners with a unique design that can never be replicated–not even my Mother Nature herself. An ideal choice for floors, walls, entry ways, living areas, hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms, it’s an adaptable stone with endless design possibilities. Hygienic, hard wearing, and robust, while being equally practical in usage, natural stone indeed suits all types of styles–from contemporary to traditional.

The advantages of natural stone in your home

Wondering if natural stone is right for your upcoming renovation? Consider the following worth while advantages of incorporating natural stone in your home redesign.

Easy maintenance

Look no further for a floor covering that’s ultra hard-wearing while being simple to maintain. As it is easy to clean and stain-resistant, you’ll never end up spending countless hours trying to ensure natural stone retains its original appearance.


As a material that doesn’t collect hair, dust, dirt or allergens, this flooring provides an ideal, hygienic alternative to hard surfacing that doesn’t require specialized cleaners.

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Sturdy, durable

Quite possibly, there’s no other flooring that will outlast natural stone. Incredibly sturdy and durable, it may just outlive any other floors in your home!

Cool indoor climate

A preferred choice especially in warmer climates, this installation can help keep the interior of your house cooler with its fresh tiles.

Elegant, unique design

Classy, stylish, and truly one-of-a-kind, natural stone adds elegance like no other, radiating a timeless quality. Natural characteristics, impossible to duplicate coloring, and special veining offer a beautiful style that will last generations.

Increase property value

Never affected by the latest vogue, this classic flooring option will certainly increase property value.

Come to Baytown Floors for natural stone

Widely known for its durability and limitless variable style, natural stone is highly sought and valued around the world for every kind of installation you can imagine. If you’re looking for the finest materials on the market at affordable prices, come in to our Baytown Floors showroom in Baytown, TX. Servicing the Houston, Galveston, Pasadena, Dayton, Baytown, TX areas, you’ll have access to a wide assortment of the highest quality natural stone for your renovation project. Whether you’re planning a kitchen, bathroom or other type of makeover for your home, our on-site flooring professionals are ready to answer all of your questions.